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We asked you what you like about your Parish, what you don’t like, would you would like to see and what you wouldn’t like to see… 


We received 201 replies (around 2,200 individual comments) which we categorised as below…


25% of the comments were about Transport, Facilities 22%, Housing 19%, Environment 17%, Community 13% and other 4%


NPQ Analysis Table.png


The following key themes were identified. Don't worry if your comments were not related to these themes – all comments will be considered

NPQ Key Themes.png


The Steering Group will use your feedback to develop a Neighbourhood Plan (NP).


The NP will address the issues you have highlighted and try to ensure what you like remains in place across the Parish.


Wool Parish Council wants an NP in place as soon as possible so the Steering Group will focus on ‘quick wins’ in light of the proposed developments. There will be revisions of the plan in future years to address the remaining issues.


The Steering Group will continue to communicate whilst the plan is under development and you may be asked for your opinions again. 


Please note: It is not too late to provide feedback and you can do so at any time by emailing


Once the NP has been developed, you will be able to vote on it in a referendum. If more than 50% of voters approve it will become a legal document which must be followed by developers and anyone building property.


Issues you have raised that cannot be addressed in the NP will be passed onto the relevant bodies for action.


If you have any thoughts on the comments or would like to get involved then you can email: 

To find out more about The Local Plan visit


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